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Sunday, 4th June 2006 at 22:43 Leave a comment

Having read this article on msdn's ever interesting "coding 4 fun" site, I decided to see if there were any UK suppliers of these little green thingys, and there are. My supplier of choice was Blah! because they looked reputable(always important), they give money to Oxfam (got to be a good thing), and they sold it at the cheapest price I could find (main reason). Here it is, for the massive outlay of £9.99 including delivery etc. I think it's only fair that I mention how good the service was here, and i think I'll be buying from them again.

I haven't actually started doing this little project yet, what with exams and stuff, and I'm not  the world's most  competent/experienced C# coder, but i thought it would be something that could be a potentially interesting project for the future with lots of posibilities for expansion.

My basic idea was to create a system for laptops/notebooks etc. that would be able to lock down the computer as much as possible as soon as the user leaves. I figure that I'll learn a lot about accessing sytem information through the .Net framework, and also i hope to set up some kind of logging of any "illegal" activities.

For the moment though, that class diagram looks a bit scary, but I'm learning fast.


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