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Tuesday, 15th August 2006 at 18:12 2 comments

Assuming that this post works (ie. you can view it) then I’ve managed to use Windows Live Writer sucessfully. Normally, I hate msn, as it I find it to be tacky & plasticy. Windows Live, however seems to be a much more serious & proper department/scheme/whatever they call it. I’ve literally just installed and tried to post, so I can;t really say a fat lot, excpept that the UI is nice and clean. One annoyance that will be submitted shortly is the fact that whenever i try to create a new post (either by File->New Post, or the great big New button, or pressing Ctrl+N) a new window opens, which is just irritating. A MDI (multiple Document Interface – Windows within Windows, such as is used in MS word when several documents are open in one window) or tabbed solution would have been much neater in my humble opinion, but this is only a Beta release, and much can change.

My other concern is that although I have many nice features (such as being able to insert a Windows Live Map), I fear that the lack of a summary box will mean that this whole post will appear on the frontpage of my blog. I’m sure this is not a concern for users of msn (or “Windows Live”) spaces, but for me, using wordpress on a hosted service (ie. I don’t have much ability to change stuff server side).

I might have a play with the Live Writer SDK at a later date, and see what fun can be had there, but I need a bit more a chance to play.


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Cursor Fly Currently Listening Plugin for Windows Live Writer

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  • 1. rade  |  Thursday, 17th August 2006 at 16:33

    Yes, it seems to work since I can see this post. Haven’t heard of this earlier, but it sure does sound like a Microsoft product; “a new window opens, which is just irritating.”

    One positive thing is that it works with WordPress. Imagine if it would only support Spaces. (Well, I wouldn’t be surprised)

  • 2. Edd  |  Thursday, 17th August 2006 at 17:14

    Thanks for the comment. I have got feedback about the windows opening, and have now posted about it here. I think MS is trying to open up, in anticipation of the so called “Web 2.0”, where web apps will be required to interact with each other seamlessly, and i have to say the plugin structure used is very simple and effective indeed.


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