Search Engines and Me

Wednesday, 23rd August 2006 at 23:29 1 comment

Following on from my previous post, I decided it would be interesting to see how I ranked on various other searches on a selection of search engines (for the sake of simplicity I used Google, Yahoo and msn), although please note I did not “google” for my answers 😉

Righty then, I noticed that my most popular post was this one, about Technorati Tag Plugin for WLW, so I searched for WLW Technorati Plugin, and these are the results:

Now, that is really suprising. I didn’t even say that much about it, but somehow I’ve ended up being ranked above the developper. It just seems so strange and wrong.

Next up was rugby blogging, purely as I thought it was an odd search term:

That was more like I expected, as I’m a new  blogger (I have less that 30 regular hits), and I would have been well chuffed with a result like that for my most popular post. Anyhoo, the next one is ie7 toolbar, as that seemed a regular term (or variations there of), and I achieved the following:

This is the result for Flickr4Writer:

Finally, I choose Fly Cursor, as I had two hits through this search term, and again thought it a little bizarre:

I think I should say now that the only reason unknown Yahoo ranks are given as 30+ when msn is 20+ is because Yahoo numbers their results, so i could be bothered to search through further. Also, I didn’t mess about searching for results where I would score highly, I just used popular or quirky searches to find my site.

What does this tell us then? Not a fat lot if I’m honest, but I am a little concerned by the way that google ranked me ahead of  the other 2 so often. It does encourage me to use Yahoo more, if I’m honest, because if i was a web user searching for stuff, I’m not sure I’d want to get to my blog for help or advice. A l’autre cote, I sure am glad that I will hopefully be getting a few more regular hits/RSS subscribers because of this. I will download Yahoo desktop search, as I’ve been meaning to do so for a while as it’s meant to be good, and I’d be tempted to use Yahoo as my search engine of choice, if only the UI were a little tidier.

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Me in AOL search Snakes on a Plane

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    It at times calls for investments of time and labor.


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