A day at the rugby

Sunday, 5th November 2006 at 23:57 Leave a comment

Well, today has been quite a day. Had to leave early, as me, Alex, Tizzy & Gary went to Twickenham for the day to see the England Vs All Blacks game. Really good and my first visit to twickenham too 😀

We arrived in Twickenham plenty early enough, so we had to time to wander up to Richmond, and then we ate at The Fish Works at about 12-ish. We all had the salt baked sea bass, and it really was superb – aparently there’s one of these restaurants in Bath, so that’s another reason to want to go to uni there.

Anyhoo, we sat in two groups, me and Tizzy in the upper tier of the East Stand, and Gary and Alex were in the middle tier of the West stand. Before the game we had the Top Secret Swiss Drum Corps perform, and they were as brilliant as Tish has said. The rugby was excellent, just very little of the good stuff was coming from England. We had some good passages, but they were seperated by error prone periods, and these prevented us flowing and building a platform to score from. At least it was clear we had the ability to win, even if we faield to execute it at all.

Here’s some piccy’s:

 England Rugby at HQ

Pre-match ceremony - All Blacks Vs England

Top Secret Swiss Drum Corps in action

Big screen view of Top Secret Drum Corps

Sunset at HQ

View from the east stand

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