‘Aye up! What’s going on???

Sunday, 18th March 2007 at 19:47 1 comment

This is most odd! During the last month, my stats have sky-rocketed (well, not my feed stats, as I’m not posting enough regular quality content yet), yet I haven’t posted anything since February (and that was just a copy and paste job, so really I haven’t posted since way back in November :-$) What is odd, though, is that the two most popular links seem to be my posts about the Vista icon preview set, and Vista going RTM. Well, I’m hopefully going to be posting much more reguarly on here again, especially once exams are over (my exam timetable looks hideous!), and there’s been a few things of note to post about.

I got me a Canon EOS 400D D-SLR just after christmas, and also Adobe Lightroom is ordered and due any day now, so both of those are good and interesting. (Once LR arrives I’m going to stick a load of images on flickr, and then have a proper look at it’s blog integration) And I’m getting a MacBook over Easter too (:D), so much OS comparison stuff can be expected. Oh, and I got an mp4 player for my 18th, and I want to try and set up podcasts and vlogs to sync to that.

And for anyone who is actually searching for icons for vista, I’m not too sure where to get them from,  but I get my XP icons from iconaholic.com (formally foood.net)

I’m currently listening to Chelsea Dagger by The Fratellis


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