First of all, let’s get one thing straight: This blog is only temporary.

The reason for this is that I’m currently learning C# and ASP.Net 2.0 and thought it would be a rather interesting project to try and make my own blog. It may seem like a backwards step to move from something such as wordpress to my own, initially at least, rather more basic site, but the purpose for it will be to teach me ASP.Net and C#. I anticipate getting the basic database structure of the “Edd Blog” made during the summer, but as with all these things don’t be suprised if its not completed in time. Thinking about it i could probably run the two in tandem for a bit, but we’ll think about that nearer the time.

Any-who, my names Edd, and i live in a squibbly little village, near the little town of rugby, in the middle of England. I’m not really that interesting, to be honest, but i do have a few friends. First, there’s Dave and Stephen, who both have their own WP blogs found here and here respectively. Also, Dave is xmouse, and the pair of them are pigeons (follow that link to satisfy your curiosity).I’m also friends with Gary, but he’s just too lazy to get a blog, and Andrew who only has an msn spaces blog, found here. There’s Linda, as well, who seems to like correcting my blog, and AFAIK she doesn’t have anythng online, bar her *cough* myspace *cough* thingI do know other people as well, they’re just too numerous to mention here, and i need something to talk about at a later date.

Right, as you may have gathered from the first “proper” paragraph, I do program a bit. At the moment I’m learning C# so that i fully understand the basics of Object Oriented Programming and the .Net framework (if you don’t have a clue about either of these, see here and here). Oh and by the way, just because I code in a microsoft language, it doesn’t mean that i don’t appreciate or support all of the goodness associated with Open-Source, as i anticpate releasing any apps that i produce that are of any real use to anyone other than meself onto this ‘ere interweb, source and all (that does of course, assume i have my “Edd-Blog” Blog and webspace first).

Some people say i watch far too much rugby for my own good, but i always object – there’s no such thing as too much rugby!<rant>There is no better winter team sport, it’s so passionate, flowing and energetic. Every player is vital, be he (or her) a slow, fat prop forward or a twinkle-toed winger. Discipline is not as bad as people make out, and, although i have to admit to rather enjoying watching england’s recent football (soccer) matches during the build-up to the world cup, there was a lot of diving and grown men rolling around on the floor; in Rugby men are men and they just get on with it, if someone kicks you in a ruck, you ignore them or you let them know exactly how you feel, you don’t roll around and leave it to the ref – his job’s to manage the game and not bother with petty incidents unless they actually affect the play.Supporters are all friendly, regardless of which team you follow, and the players are approachable and genuine people, unlike in football where i understand the players are isolated from the fans</rant>

I attend Lawrence Sheriff grammar School, and am currently taking A levels in Computing, Physics, and lots of mathsand studying to take both AS and A2 level electronics (don’t ask, it gets complicated). I already have As’s in Politics, Music Tech & Critical Thinking, and an A2 in General Studies.

Any-who, that’s about all i can think of, so rather than filling this page with meaningless waffle, I’ll stop here and fill a different page instead.


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