A day at the rugby

Well, today has been quite a day. Had to leave early, as me, Alex, Tizzy & Gary went to Twickenham for the day to see the England Vs All Blacks game. Really good and my first visit to twickenham too 😀 (more…)


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New WP Dashboard interface

New WP.com Dashboard interface. See here. Looks pretty nice, really. Am too busy with school stuff atm, but will blog again soon.

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Google Acquires YouTube for $1.65bn

I read this over on Scoble’s blog, and he linked to the press release here, and I’m really not sure what to make of it. Google is a damn good search engine/advertising company, and I like it a lot for the work it’s done in searching. I think I’m opposed to the whole Google office thing, partly because I don’t like the idea of having my work stored centrally (ideal on a smaller scale, for multi-site businesses with a WAN), but having software stored centrally as well doesn’t make sense to me. What is wrong with local applications accessing a (locally) central store of data? If you want centralisation, use thin clients and possibly blade PCs. Then there’s the privacy issues. Google is renowned for it’s usage policies, GMail being the most publicised. Talking of which, GMail is wonderful, but should Google have created it, I’m not so sure. YouTube could obviously do with some advanced searching technology, that no doubt Google will provide, but should it be transmuting itself into a “web technology company”. I would prefer Google to remain focused on searching, and offer it’s technology to a whole range of other applications created by others. Obviously advertising has always been google’s main source of income, and I hope it remains that way, but surely they could make more money from developing really innovative search algorithms, Maybe I’m just reluctant to change, but Google is a search company, YouTube is a video repository. If only they could have kept it that way, and integrated google into YouTube.

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Well, despite my distinct lack of posting in recent weeks (months/years/centuries), my blog does seem to be getting more popular. With spammers at least. AKISMET is pulling out more and more spam comments (51 in the last few days alone). Granted my overall stats haven’t changed much (ie. still low, but with a few people looking at the feed (one of whom is me)), but they do peak when I mention key topics such as Windows Live Writer and Windows Vista, both of which i have just done. Tagging with Technorati seems to help to, but most of my hits seem to be random google searches (thus i had a look at me in search engines a while back). Anyhoo, I’ll just add me tags, then I’ll be off.


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Increasing my post count

Righty then, just seen this on Blaugh, and following a comment on my blog (shock, horror, etc.) I decided I better post more, or else end up like this guy 😉

Your Last Post

I will try, I promise, it’s just dificult now I’m back to school </excuse>

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Vista Icon Set

Just seen a selection of icons for M$ Windows Vista, and they do look nice:

Vista Icons

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<edit> Still not as big as I’d have hoped, but you do get a general idea of just how gorgeous they are</edit>

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Richard Hammond Critically Injured filming Top Gear

BBC TV presenter Richard Hammond was air lifted to Leeds General Infirmary where he began to regain conciousness, but his condition is still said to be critical.

Obviously reports are sketchy, but it is said that he was attempting a 280mph English Land Speed record at a former RAF airfield in York. Something went wrong (obviously) and the car ended up on it’s roof. The following links are what I;ve found so far, but I’ll try and keep this issue updated.

My thoughts are with his family, and I ask everyone to pray and hope for him.

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